1. Should I be watering as much in fall/winter as I did in the summer?

This depends! If you are having a warm, dry spell in the fall you will need to continue to water your lawn as much as you did in the summer. If it is cooler, you can get away with about half of what you used in the summer. It is important to note that once your lawn freezes, you don't need to water because the roots of the grass which absorb the water will also be frozen. Your best bet if you are unsure is to call Evergreen Grounds Management for a consultation.

2. When does my lawn need to be fertilized?​

It's always important to start the fertilization process in the spring when the winter melts off and it is still not too hot. Applying too much fertilizer when the weather is extremely hot can actually weaken your lawn. It is especially important to fertilize your lawn in late fall. It lets your lawn build stamina before the grass freezes, and makes it much easier to prepare your lawn for spring. ​

3. What can I do in the planning process for my landscaping project?

We can sit down with you, go over your landscaping needs and design a landscape that looks and functions just the way you want.

4. Why do sprinkler heads get damaged?

Due to improper installation either they're raised too high at initial installments. The mower will then hit them causing damage in functionality, or they can be damaged by animals causing them not to function properly. Sometimes the seal that is in the sprinkler head gets stuck in the raised position which in turn gets damaged by the mower.

5. Why do you mow when my lawn is wet?

Mowing while the yard is wet is due to maintaining the proper scheduling so that the grass doesn't get unmanageable or too thick. Extra precautions are taken during this time so the soil dampness doesn't cause mower tracks and voids in the lawn aesthetics

6. Do you recommend bagging my lawn?

Bagging lawn clippings is sometimes still utilized but in the Louisiana climates this typically not an application utilized. Now the industry recommends mulching all remaining debris (leaves) unless debris is un-mulchable which in turn all remaining standing debris will be bagged and disposed of properly. Returning the grass clipping into the soil provides nutrients.

7. How do you decide the height of grass when cutting?

Industry standards indicate not to remove more than one third of the blade in any given cutting season. However due to some grass application growth rate determined faster we can cut as much as half the blade length but a third is the most commonly performed practice.

8. What happens if damage is caused on my property?

If damages occurred on a property via team members. If the damage occurs onsite the team member should immediately contact our customer support center to address before customer indicates damages Contact our customer support center directly in order to schedule a site visit to review damages so the problem can be rectified.

9. How often do you bill? How do I pay?

Depending on the type of service provided and the agreement between customer and company we have several different billing processes. All these processes provide an easy client company portal to make payments either as a one time payment or a reacquiring weekly or monthly debit or credit card charge . We do have a check processing program for those clients that only utilize written checks to make invoice payments easy as well.

10. If I have a service concern how do I communicate it to the company?

Contact our customer support directly to report the concern. A customer support specialist will create a customer support ticket and contact the customer directly to identify which measures will need to be taken in-house to create a satisfied customer. This might be able to be handled by a phone call, text message, email, or a true site visit face to face with the customer to make certain moving forward that the concerns will be addressed properly to the customers satisfaction

11. Does the mowing services include wedding, beds, or shrub trimming?

Our lawn services standard package is mowing, edging, weed trimming, round up in concrete area crevices, and blowing debris. We offer other packages based on the clients needs for example horticultural services, weed pulling in the bedded areas, hedge trimming, mulching, but all those services added will be an additional charge per site visit. All programs requested can become a flat rate and year round service provided based on a 26-52 site visit program that fits the clients needs to maintain their property.


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