1. Should I be watering as much in fall/winter as I did in the summer?

This depends! If you are having a warm, dry spell in the fall you will need to continue to water your lawn as much as you did in the summer. If it is cooler, you can get away with about half of what you used in the summer. It is important to note that once your lawn freezes, you don't need to water because the roots of the grass which absorb the water will also be frozen. Your best bet if you are unsure is to call Evergreen Grounds Management for a consultation. ​

2. When does my lawn need to be fertilized?​

It's always important to start the fertilization process in the spring when the winter melts off and it is still not too hot. Applying too much fertilizer when the weather is extremely hot can actually weaken your lawn. It is especially important to fertilize your lawn in late fall. It lets your lawn build stamina before the grass freezes, and makes it much easier to prepare your lawn for spring. ​

3. What can I do in the planning process for my landscaping project?

We can sit down with you, go over your landscaping needs and design a landscape that looks and functions just the way you want.


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